We have begun the hiring process and are looking to hire new Portland Police officers to attend the January 2018 Maine Criminal Justice Academy class. Please see below for the latest list of dates and times for the written test and the fitness test. We look forward to meeting you soon. Please call us at 207-874-8596 to schedule. Entry Level Portland Police Officer Written Exam at Portland PD, 109 Middle Street:
Thursday September 7th at 9 AM
Tuesday September 26th at  4 PM
Tuesday October 10th at 4 PM
Thursday October 19th at 3 PM
Saturday October 21st at 9 AM

PT Testing at Portland PD, 109 Middle Street (Free for all Portland candidates):
Thursday September 7th at 11:30 AM
Tuesday September 26th at  2:30 PM
Saturday October 21st at 11:30 AM

Fitness Testing is also available at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. You must pre-register. Contact Jim Birt at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy at 207-877-8020 or the central office at 207-877-8000.


Tips for Candidates:

You must submit an application prior to testing. If you haven't already applied, please see our Hiring Process page for more information and application materials.

When you call to schedule your testing session, please indicate which fitness test date and time you would prefer. As a reminder, if you have completed the fitness test within the past year with either the Portland Police Department or the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, there is no need to retest. Please provide a copy of the test if possible on the day of your written exam.

Feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have. The Office of Police Personnel can be reached at (207) 874-8596 or (207) 874-8588.