Forestry Division

Evergreen Cemetery Forest Management Project

The Evergreen Cemetery Forest Management project began the week of February 20, 2017.

Trail access in the work area will be closed Monday - Friday for the next couple of weeks while the work is in progress. The snow cover is ideal to minimize impact to the forest floor, though disruptive to cross country skiing. As with similar work conducted at Pine Grove Park in 2013 and Riverton Trolley Park and Riverside Golf Course last year, the sustainable forest management work will have long term benefits.

The Evergreen Cemetery woodlands forest management plan was recommended by the Maine Forest Service via a grant from the US Forest Service to help communities with better management of their woodlands. The proposed thinning work will remove risk trees and thin sections of the woods to improve health. Conducting this type of work in an urban setting requires patience as the project looks 'messy' and disruptive when in progress while the results of reduced risk and improved forest health will last for decades. The window to conduct this work is relatively short as frozen ground and snow cover are needed to reduce impact to the forest floor. The project is expected to last two to three weeks depending on conditions.

Thank you for your patience as we complete this important work.
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