Neighborhood Advisory Committee

City Manager's Neighborhood Advisory Meetings

The City Manager meets monthly with representatives of Portland's neighborhoods in order to exchange information regarding City and neighborhood issues and concerns.

Jon Jennings, City Manager 
City of Portland
389 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 874-8689

May 1, 2015

Back Cove Neighborhood Association - District 4
Andrew Zarro, President

Bayside Neighborhood Association 

- District 1

Steve Hirshon, President

Deering Center Neighborhood Association – Districts 4 & 5
Harold Crabill, President

Deering Highlands Neighborhood Association – Districts 3
Leah Koch, Contact Person

East Bayside Neighborhood Organization - District 1
Ellen Bailey, President

East Deering Neighborhood Association - District 4 
Cheryl Leeman

Friends of Woodfords Corner – District 3
Teresa Valliere, Contact Person

Hobart Street Neighborhood Association – District 3
Donna Barnard, President

India Street Neighborhood Association - District 1

Libbytown Neighborhood Association - District 3
Nicole Anderson

Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization - District 1
Jay Norris – President

Nason’s Corner Neighborhood Association District 3
Mark Adelson, President

North Deering Neighborhood Association District 5
Cheryl Denis, President

Parkside Neighborhood Association -  District 2
Emma Holder, President

Peaks Island Council District 1
Lisa Penalver

Riverton Community Association District 5
Chip Edgar, President

St. John Valley Neighborhood Association (SJVNA) District 2
Tim McNamara - President

Stroudwater Village Association District 3
Dan Koloski, President 

University Neighborhood Organization District 3
Carol Schiller, President

West End Neighborhood Association District 2
Elizabeyth Parsons, President

Western Prom Neighborhood Association - District 2
Anne Pringle, President

Woodfords/Oakdale Neighborhood Association - District 3
Steve Leighton, President

  1. The City of Portland provides space on its website for neighborhood associations to post current events. Neighborhood Associations are created and controlled by their members, not by the City. The City does not verify and is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the information that they post on the City’s website. The City of Portland reserves the right to remove posted information at any time.