Sustainability in the Community

The City has a number of policies that impact sustainability in the community.  Many of these policies are embedded within City operations.  Others directly impact the community and investment in the community.

Wind Energy Ordinance

The City has adopted a wind energy ordinance to regulate wind energy systems in the City of Portland.  The ordinance can be found in Chapter 14, Article 10 of the City’s Ordinances.

Green Building Ordinance

The City has adopted a green building ordinance which requires that all new or major renovations to City buildings over a certain size must be certified LEED Silver through the USGBC rating system.    Non-city construction projects receiving more than $200,000 must also meet the green building ordinance by exceeding the ASHRAE 90.1 standard by 30% for new construction, 25% for existing buildings, and 20% for historic buildings.  The Ordinance can be found in Chapter 6, Article 7 of the City’s Ordinances.

City buildings that are LEED certified include:
  • Jetport Expansion
  • Ocean Avenue Elementary School
  • East End Elementary School

Anti-Idling Ordinance

The City has adopted an anti-idling ordinance which limits idling to five minutes with some exceptions as listed in Chapter 28, Section 28-195.