Completed Task Forces

Congress Square Redesign Study Group

Congress Square Redesign Study Group is hereby appointed with representatives to advise and guide the design and engineering process for the assessment of the best use and design of Congress Square.

Currently, the Congress Square Redesign Study Group is assessing two options for the redesign of the Congress Square Park portion of Congress Square which will be reported to the City Council on November 17, 2014.

Fire/Code Inspections Task Force

In the wake of the tragic fire on Noyes Street that claimed the lives of six young people, the City of Portland has established a task force to review its inspections programs. The first phase is an internal review of city codes and ordinances. Following this work, the second phase involves task force review of fire and code inspections policies and practices as well as recently completed reports that were focused primarily on staffing levels. The task force will draft recommendations which will be shared by the Acting City Manager in her regular meetings with Neighborhood Association representatives for comment, and then forwarded to the Public Safety, Health and Human Services Committee for consideration in February 2015.

Green Building Incentive Task Force

The Green Building Incentive Task Force was established to study and develop a green building incentive program for construction in the City.

Green Packaging Working Group

Learn about the city's efforts to reduce plastic packaging.

Homelessness Prevention Task Force

This task force focuses on trying to prevent homelessness in Portland.

Nathan Clifford Re-Use Advisory Task Force

On December 17, 2012, the Portland City Council voted to approve the recommendations of the Nathan Clifford Re-Use Advisory Task Force.

Solid Waste Task Force

In January, 2010, the City Council established the Solid Waste Task Force to develop a five year plan to implement the policies and programs necessary to achieve the State of Maine's 50% recycling goal, including a cost analysis and a time line for achieving this goal.

Sustainable Storm Water Funding Task Force

The Task Force has completed their task during meeting held from 2011 through 2012. The Task Force made their recommendations to the City Council.