Transportation Division

The Transportation Division of the Planning & Urban Development Department works to integrate the various transportation related initiatives the City and our other partners such as the MaineDOT. Working with the Department of Public Works, the Parking Department, and other City departments, the division manages studies and projects that help people get to and around Portland by all methods of travel.

Complete Streets

Portland's Complete Streets Policy

Since 2012 the City of Portland has had a City Council adopted Complete Streets Policy that guides all of our work. This policy ensures that all users of a street – of all ages and abilities, using all modes of transportation – are considered when looking at the maintenance, planning, design or construction activities that affect streets and the public right-of-way. Each street’s context and how it fits within the overall street network are also important considerations. Finding the right balance of street features to meet the safety, accessibility and comfort of its
users is the goal. This balance will be different for streets with different contexts.

'Complete Streets' is...

  • A way of evaluating transportation improvements to make sure they are balanced and provide for all modes
  • A view of transportation as about mobility for individuals and freedom of choice
  • A framework for changes

'Complete Streets' is not...

  • A "one size fits all" solution
  • A way of prioritizing alternative modes over the automobile
Staff is developing a Complete Streets Manual that will provide more information about the process for implementing Complete Streets.

Expanded Transit Service Study - Thompson's Point and the Transportation Center

Portland Hub Link Study

The City of Portland, in collaboration with local and regional transportation providers, is exploring options and opportunities to more effectively link its major transportation centers and downtown with an express bus service.

Thompson's Point Expanded Transit Service ("Hub Link") Draft Final Report

Franklin Street Feasibility Study, Phase II - Final Report 2016

This study presents the results of the Franklin Street Feasibility Study Phase II and its recommendations for an integrated transportation and land use vision of Franklin Street and a quarter mile radius around it. The study is based on cooperation among the City of Portland, Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT), and Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS). The study was also guided by a Public Advisory Committee (PAC).

For more information on this study see: Franklin Street Committee Phase 2

This study builds on the work of Phase I, a visioning process for the study area resulting in three initial alternative concepts for Franklin Street. Many committee members from that phase of the work joined the PAC working on Phase II. The Phase II work was founded on detailed technical analysis including assessment of existing conditions, modeling of future baseline forecasted traffic conditions, and a detailed evaluation of refined transportation alternatives for the study area. The study developed phased recommendations for transportation, land use, landscape architecture and the streetscape in the study area. Although the most detailed analysis has been focused on the transportation elements, all four areas were taken into account to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations. This final report summarizes the various aspects of the study, details the recommendations, and addresses planning for implementation. These recommendations will inform the development of a Preliminary Design Report (PDR -approximately 50% design) for Franklin Street between Marginal Way and Commercial Street, which began in 2016.
The study was adopted by the City Council in July 2015.

To see the Final Report click here:
Franklin Street Feasibility Study Final Report​

Bayside Transportation Study

Bayside Transportation Plan

Woodfords Corner Public Improvements Project

The Woodfords Corner Project is implementing the #1 priority of the Transforming Forest Avenue Plan, adopted by the City Council in 2012.

Transforming Forest Avenue

Materials for October 14, 2014 MaineDOT Public Hearing Re: I-295 Exit 6

Public Meeting Notice for I-295 and Forest Ave Sidewalk Enhancements
Forest Ave and 295 Ramp Plans

Somerset Street Extension Study

The Somerset Street project goals are two-fold:
(1) Design and engineer an extension of Somerset Street (and Bayside Trail) from Elm Street to Hanover Street; and
(2) Review a variety of trail and street alignments to Forest Avenue.

For more information, contact Mike Farmer (207) 874-8845,

Materials for the Somerset Street Extension Feasibility Study
(September 2015)

Materials for the upcoming November 18, 2014 Public Hearing are listed below:

Preliminary Findings Report, 2015 (Build Year) Analysis Somerset Street Extension Feasibility Study

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