Winter Sidewalks

Winter reminders from Portland MEDCU and Fire Department:

Please keep your walkways clear in the event emergency personnel need to get to your door. This also allows pedestrians and mail carriers to walk safely in your neighborhood.

Portland has over 2000 fire hydrants and could use your help in shoveling them out. Fire personnel work to shovel hydrants as soon as possible but your assistance with this effort will help keep you and your neighbors safe.

Please check on your elderly neighbors during a storm who may need your help.

Please also note that Portland Public Works does have a TTY line available for the hearing impaired public:  874-8494

Winter Sidewalk 

The City of Portland plows an estimated 100 miles of sidewalks including ‘Portland’s Downtown’, School walking routes and priority sidewalks.   City ordinances require that adjacent property owners clear snow and ice from sidewalks.   Many Portlander’s and commuters walk or bicycle to work even during winter months.  Help keep sidewalks safe – join us in helping Portland stay ‘walkable’ during the winter months, clear the sidewalk out front and help neighbors when possible. 

City Sidewalk Clearing - Portland Public Works operates a fleet of sidewalk tractors designed to clear snow from sidewalks and trails.  Sidewalk plowing efforts prioritizes the Portland Downtown and School Walking Routes.

Portland Winter Sidewalk Plow Map -  Click here

Snow Hauling / Bulk Snow Removal Operation - After large snow events preparations are made to remove access snow from Portland’s Downtown area and other restricted areas as needed.  This often includes widening residential streets and intersections.