Stormwater Service Charge

The stormwater service charge is about valuing stormwater and therefore more equitably and fairly paying for sewer and stormwater costs.  Instituting a stormwater charge more fairly and equitably distributes costs among the users of the sewer and stormwater systems. 

All properties with rooftops and paved areas are subject to the stormwater service charge.  

**You can now pay your bill online! Find out more by clicking "Stormwater Billing" below.**

  1. Stormwater Credits

    Learn about credits, how to earn one, and apply now!

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  2. Stormwater Fee Lookup

    Calculate your property's stormwater service charge.

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  3. For Residents

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  4. For Businesses

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  5. Council Review & Approval

    Information regarding the development of the Stormwater Service Charge.

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  6. Stormwater Billing

    Stormwater Billing

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