Health Care Services

  1. Barron Center

    The purpose of the Barron Center is to provide high quality long-term care services for frail elderly and chronically ill individuals without regard to those individual’s creed, race, color, national origin or financial situation.

  2. Maternal & Child Health

    The Maternal and Child Health program offers a variety of services to Portland residents.

  3. Needle Exchange

    The Portland Exchange reduces the spread of blood-borne pathogens such as HIV and hepatitis B and C by exchanging clean needles and supplies for used equipment at no cost.

  4. Portland Community Free Clinic

    The Portland Community Free Clinic, located at 103 India Street, provides primary care to uninsured, low-income adults living in Cumberland County, Maine. All services at the PCFC are provided at no charge.

  5. School Oral Health Program

    The Children’s Oral Health Program (COHP) offers preventive oral health services and oral health education to children 0-18 living in the greater Portland area.

  6. School-Based Health Centers

    School-Based Health Centers, based in six schools, are a partnership of the Portland Public Health Division, Portland Public Schools and Maine Medical Center working together to keep Portland students healthy.