Brighton Avenue Sewer Separation Project

Utility Work in Brighton Avenue Set to begin on Monday, May 17th 

PORTLAND, Maine -- Beginning Monday, May 17, 2021, The City’s contractor, DDI Construction, will begin work in Brighton Avenue between Rand Road and Capisic Street as part of the Brighton Avenue Sewer Separation Project.  Motorists should expect delays when driving through the work zone and are encouraged to seek alternate routes around the project area.  Please watch out for signage and drive slowly through the work zone.  Once work moves into Brighton Avenue, it is scheduled to last for the duration of the summer.  For more information about the project please visit the project website at  

IMPORTANT INFO FOR MOTORISTS:  Brighton Avenue will be reduced to one lane in either direction between the hours of 9am and 3:00pm to allow the contractor to complete the work.  The contractor will be required to maintain two lanes of traffic in the inbound direction during the morning commute (7am-9am) and two lanes of traffic in the outbound direction during the afternoon/evening commute (3:00pm to 6pm).  Access to local businesses and residential streets will be maintained during the project.  


Motorists are urged, if possible, to seek alternate routes into and around this area during this time period.  

WE 4/23/21 Project Update:
1.) The contractor offset 8" water main in Rowe Avenue to allow new storm drain to cross over the top of the water main pipe.  
2.) The contractor completed cut in water main valves in Devon Street and Terrace Avenue.  
3.) The contractor relocated a private sewer service to facilitate the installation of the nutrient separating baffle box stormwater treatment vault.  

Upcoming Work WE 4/30/21
1.) The contractor will be preparing to install 8'x16' Nutrient Separating Baffle Box in Meriline Avenue.  This vault will provide stormwater treatment for the new storm water system prior to discharging into the wetland.  This work is anticipated to take all week.  
2.) Work in Brighton Avenue is still a few weeks out.  
Relocation of Sewer Service in Meriline
8 inch water main offset in Rowe Avenue

WE 4/16/21 Project Update:
1.) The contractor installed 184 Linear Feet of 42" storm drain in Meriline Avenue
2.) The contractor installed 6" cut in valves on PWD's water system in Warwick Street and Lomond Street in preparation for installing the temporary water system.  
3.) The contractor cleaned up the project site and ensured erosion and sediment mitigation devices were installed prior to Friday's rain event.  

Upcoming Work WE 4/23/21
1.) The contractor will install PWD cut in valves onTerrace avenue (4/19) and Devon Street (4/22).  Please note that there will be localized water service interruptions.  Residents affected will be notified by the Portland Water District. 
2.) The contractor will offset the 8" water main in Rowe Avenue which is required to install the new 42" storm drain. 
3.) The contractor will continue to install 42" storm drain towards Rowe Avenue.  
Installation of 42 inch SD on Meriline 2
Installation of 42 inch SD on Meriline 1
Recently Completed 42 inch SD outfall
WE 4/9/21 Project Update 
  1. PWD cut In Valves installed in Rowe Avenue and Dorset Street in preparation for the temporary water system. 
  2. Erosion and sediment control devices installed within the project area. 
  3. Tree clearing at the end of Meriline completed for storm drain outfall work. 
  4. Rip Rap energy dissipation pad installed at the location 42" storm drain outfall 
  5. 20 LF of 42" storm drain outfall pipe installed at the end of Meriline.
Upcoming Work WE 4/16/21
  1. PWD cut in valves to be installed in Warwick Street and Lomond street.
  2. 42" storm drain work continues in Meriline Avenue working towards Rowe Avenue.
Stone Construction Entrance Installed to Prevent Erosion
Installation of 42 Inch Storm Drain Outfall Pipe Meriline
42 Inch Storm Drain Outfall Pipe Installation Complete
Installation of Riprap Energy Scour Pad

"This project was successfully bid in December of 2020 and awarded to DDI Construction at a contract price of $1,286,897.00.  
It is anticipated that the contractor will mobilize to the site the week of March 29th and begin construction work on Meriline Avenue the week of April 5th."

WE 4/2/21 Project Update:

DDI construction began to mobilize and bring materials and equipment to the site.

The first project weekly field meeting was held on site.

Utility test pits were completed on Lomond Street.

Upcoming Project Work WE 4/9/21:

The contractor will begin to install PWD water main cut in valves in Rowe Avenue (4/5/21) and Dorset Street (4/7/21) in preparation of setting up the project's temporary water system. The temporary water system is required to be able to replace the existing water mains in the project area.

The contractor will also begin to install a riprap scour protection pad in preparation for the installation of the 42" storm drain outfall pipe at the end of Meriline Avenue.

WHAT’S HAPPENING                  

  • New 10” – 42” storm drain will be installed within the following streets
    • Brighton Avenue (Dorset to Lomond Street)                
    • Rowe Avenue (Meriline to Brighton)
    • Lomond Street                                
    • Meriline Avenue (Rowe Avenue to Wetland)
  • Sections of the existing combined sewer system in Brighton Avenue will also be replaced as part of the project.  
  • In total the project will construct 2,100 linear ft of new storm drain and new sewer main
  • A 10'x16' Nutrient Separating Concrete Baffle Box will be installed in Meriline Avenue to provide stormwater treatment for the new separated system.  
  • This project is a joint venture with the Portland Water District.  The District will be renewing it's water main in Brighton as part of the project.  Approximately 1,500 Linear Feet of water main will be installed as part of the project.  
  • New ADA compliant ramps/crosswalks will be installed at the Brighton/Warwick Rowe intersection and the Brighton-Dorset intersection.


  • Noise
  • Large equipment and machines moving through the area creating vibrations
  • Traffic disruptions, backups, moving work-zone, slower traffic in Brighton Avenue
  • Temporary disruptions to driveways, water, sewer lines (contractor must provide notification)
  • Temporary water lines will be installed running across yards and connecting to houses. (PWD will notify you if you are affected by this)
  • Dust - contractor required to control dust but it will still get dusty at times
  • Professional interactions with contractor (contact one of the people listed below, if this doesn’t happen)

SEQUENCING OF PROJECT - Updated 4/22/2021

  1. Start of construction late March - early April 2021
  2. April 2021: Storm Drain Installation in Meriline Avenue and Rowe Avenue, Installation of stormwater treatment vault in Meriline, PWD Cut in valves.  
  3. May 2021-July 2021: Storm Drain and Water Main Installations in Brighton Avenue between Devon and Lomond Street.  
  4. August 2021: ADA Ramp Work and Trench Pavement Restorations. 
  5. September 2021: Final project clean up.  
  6. Spring 2022: Final trench pavement repairs.  
Facts Sheet update
Project Location Map update
Project Name: Brighton Avenue Sewer Separation Project

Design Engineer: Water Resources Division Portland Public Works

Owner: City of Portland Public Works Department

Contractor: DDI Inc. 

Contract Value: $1,286,897.00 

Schedule: April 2021-October 2021

Note:  This project is a joint venture between the City and the Portland Water District.  The Portland Water District has a separate contract with the DDI to renew water mains in Brighton Avenue from Devon Street to Wessex Street.  

City Project Manager Contact Information:  
Justin Pellerin, P.E.  DPW Water Resources Project Engineer 
Phone: 207-874-8828