Franklin Street Pump Station Project

The Franklin Street Pump Station Project will overhaul one of the largest sewer pump stations in the City. Some of the critical components being replaced include motor controls, electrical service, sewage grinders, valves, fencing, windows, mechanical systems, lighting, interior paint, generator, handrails, stairs, doors, and a new roof. During the project, the entire site will be fenced off and the sidewalk along Marginal Way between Franklin Street and Golds Gym will be closed. The Bayside Trail will remain open except for temporary closures to allow deliveries.

The pump station will be in the same footprint of the existing pump station but the new generator and propane tank will take up slightly more room on the side of the building. Both your water and sewer service will not be impacted during this project

Originally built in 1968, this project will extend the life of the station and ensure continuous sanitary sewer service for sewer users in the area. The replacement is also being completed in order to satisfy part of the City's Administrative Order with the Environmental Protection Agency.

The project is anticipated to begin during the spring and be completed by the end of October. The City’s consultant, Woodard and Curran, will be managing the several contractors during the duration of the project.

Please contact Benjamin Pearson, Compliance Section Coordinator of the Water Resources Division of the Department of Public Works, for more information at 207-874-8843 or