Remote Planning & Urban Development Department  Meetings

Planning & Urban Development Department Remote Meetings


Due to a stay-at-home order in effect, the Planning Board, Historic Preservation Board, and all other City Council, Board, and Committee meetings are currently being held remotely. These meetings will be available for public viewing and participation via Zoom.

For those wanting to attend and participate in public meetings, please see this Planning & Urban Development Department guide to getting started:

Guide: How to Participate in a Remote Public Meeting

These guidelines were written specifically as protocol for offering public comment at Planning Board and Historic Preservation meetings, but should be generally useful for joining Portland’s Zoom public meetings generally.

Note: As always, written public comments may be submitted directly to the applicable Board or Committee.

Public Meeting materials continue to be posted in the City of Portland Agenda Center.

Meeting links and dial in numbers will be posted with each agenda, but will only become active at the start of a scheduled meeting.  For any questions, please email