Health Plan (Aetna)

Claim Information
For questions about claims or benefits call Aetna at 877-602-3862. For claim form submissions, fax Aetna at 859-455-8650. To register for online services through the Aetna website.

To contact the health plan administrator for the City of Portland, send correspondence to:
Health Plan Administrator for City of Portland 
P.O. Box 981106 
El Paso, TX 79998-1106
Group# 842837

All permanent employees working 20 (18.75 if working a standard 37.5 hour work week) hours or more per week and their eligible dependent(s) may participate in the City of Portland’s health insurance plan. Employees have 60 days from their date of hire or qualifying event to enroll. Examples of qualifying life events include but are not limited to losing or obtaining other coverage, marriage, formation of a domestic partnership, birth, adoption or placement of adoption.

Summary of Benefits & Coverage
View the Summary of Benefits and Coverage for the City of Portland. This is only a summary.  If you want more detail about your coverage and costs, read both the Plan Booklet and Schedule of Benefits together.

Health Plan Rates
Current weekly rates for full-time permanent employment, (contact your payroll clerk or the Benefits Division for proration schedule of costs) are $0.00 for employee plan, $53.16 for employee and children, $75.91 for employee and adult and $129.05 for employee, adult and children. Open enrollment is held during June each year with an effective date of coverage for July 1. Payroll deductions are on a pretax federal, state, and Medicare basis.

Point of Service Health Plan
The Point of Service (POS) health plan requires each covered member to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP). To receive the highest level of benefits, covered services must be provided by an Aetna participating provider. The health plan is administered by Aetna.

Please call important telephone numbers on the back of the health plan ID card prior to a planned hospital admission or within two business days after an emergency admission or to receive the highest level of benefits for mental health and substance abuse services.

Visit Aetna and register for online services to check the status of a claim, change a PCP, search the online provider directory for network physicians, update your address or order a new ID card.

Maine Health Management Coalition 
The City of Portland is a member of the Maine Health Management Coalition (MHMC). The Coalition is made up of employers, hospitals, health plans and doctors working together to provide you with patient safety and qualify information. Better quality healthcare not only can save lives, it can make a difference in how fast your health improves. Visit the MHMC website to view physician and hospital data collected.