Public Services

Duties of the Department
The Department of Public Services helps keep the City of Portland moving each day with many areas of responsibility. We collect your garbage and recycling, clear your streets of ice and snow in the winter, help maintain the city's sewer system, build your sidewalks, manage the city's traffic lights and street signage, issue permits for public parks and spaces, and the list goes on.
  1. Installation of New Street Maintenance Parking Restriction Signs Underway

    Public Services is currently in the process of installing new street maintenance parking restriction signs in order to reduce the number of times that residents have to move their cars. Right now, parking is restricted on one side of every street... Read on...
  2. Unitil Continues Natural Gas System Upgrades in Portland

    Unitil, a provider of natural gas and electricity to customers in New England, is entering the next phase of its System Upgrade for Reliable Energy (SURE) project and will begin work along commuter roadways in Portland in mid-April. Read on...
  3. TAKE OUR SURVEY: City Updating Strategic Transportation Plan

    The City is currently developing a Strategic Transportation Plan in order to create a comprehensive vision for transportation to inform its future policy initiatives and transportation investments. To help with this, the City is conducting a survey... Read on...
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