Street Sweeping

Street Sweeper

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is an integral part of street maintenance. Street sweeping is a multipurpose operation with three primary objectives:
  1. Reduce health hazards contained in or as a part of that material.
  2. Prevent materials from clogging sewer/storm drain systems.
  3. Provide a clean appearance for residents and the visiting public.
Streets are continually subject to dust and dirt blown by wind, dust and dirt tracked by vehicles, leaves, and general other debris. In an area that appears "clean", it is common to pick up several tons of dirt and debris in a 20-block area. This is then transported to an appropriate landfill instead of entering the storm / sewer systems.

Where Are the Street Sweepers? 

Citizens can see real-time information on where the City's eight street sweepers are thanks to GPS technology in each sweeper. 

Sweeping Season

The sweeping season normally starts in late March to early April and ends towards December. Weather and temperature impact the start and end dates.

Please note: Street maintenance activities do take place year-round and may be restricted on your street. Watch for parking restriction signs posted on your street to determine when parking is restricted.

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