Public Art Committee

In April 2000, the City Council established the Portland Public Art Program to preserve, restore and enhance the city’s public art collection. The Portland Public Art Program commissions art that engages with the surrounding environment to create, enrich, or reveal a sense of place, and to express the spirit, values, visions and poetry of place that collectively define Portland.

Public Art Collection

The public art collection currently contains 56 works of art that are permanently installed throughout Portland. Several new works were added in 2004 and again in 2013 through 2015 with several gifts. The collection contains works of historical significance that date from the nineteenth century, as well as contemporary pieces that reflect the diversity and spirit of the city.

The Portland Public Art Committee administers the Portland Public Art Program. The responsibilities of the Art Committee are outlined in Article XI of the City Code (Public Art Program). The Art Committee utilizes the Guidelines for the Public Art Ordinance (Volume 1, Number 1 – adopted May 2001) for direction in administering their responsibilities.


A key element of the Portland Public Art Program was the establishment of a percent-for-art ordinance. Under that ordinance, the city allocates ½ of 1% of the city’s annual Capital Improvement Project (CIP) budget for the restoration or acquisition of permanent public art.

Information about the Portland Public Art Program can be obtained from Department of Planning and Development, City of Portland, 389 Congress Street, Portland, Maine 04101, by phone at 207-874-8901, by email, or by visiting the Public Art Committee website.

Information for Artists

The public art program provides several opportunities for artists to engage.  Get more information below:

Roundabout Proposals

Video - Owens + Crawley

Recent News

roundabout public art - Final Proposals + Public Meeting (June 10, 2019)


Four artists have submitted proposals for the Roundabout Public Art Commission.  The proposals may be viewed online, in City Hall on the monitors, and at the monthly Public Art Committee meeting on June 19th where public comment will be taken.   The artwork selection committee will meet to review the proposals on June 20th, time and location TBD (meetings posted on the City calendar).  The meeting will include a review of the submissions from the four artists and will consider public comment received.  

A comment form is also available here through June 20th.

The four artists under consideration are:
1) Anna Hepler
2) Owens + Crawley
3) Mark Pettegrow
4) Will Vannerson

Public Meeting -  Presentation of proposals, Public Comment
Wednesday, June 19 @5:00p 
Portland Public Library, Room 5


 The artwork selection committee for the USM Roundabout public art will hold a public meeting.  The meeting will include a presentation of the committee goals for the new artwork, examples of the kinds of artwork being considered, and an opportunity for questions and feedback from the community.  Free and open to the public - public comment will be taken.  Hosted by the USM Public Artwork Selection Committee - a subcommittee of the Portland Public Art Committee.

Thursday, March 21
5:30 - 7:00p
Abromson Community Education Center, Room 213, 88 Bedford Street
Presentation can be found here.

Vision Statement and Goals for the Artwork
The USM Roundabout artwork will be a significant addition to the Oakdale neighborhood, University of Southern Maine and University of Maine Law School Portland campuses, and greater Portland community.  The site is surrounded by many interconnecting neighborhoods inhabited by students and residents with a diversity of race, age, culture, education, and socio-economic backgrounds.  The artwork potentially highlights this location as a gateway to Portland and the importance of the location as a site of learning both historically and currently.  The proposal can be thematic or decorative to highlight a neighborhood that is forward-thinking while having an appreciation for its historic landmarks - consider the artwork a new landmark.  The work must be of a height and mass appropriate to the location in a way that commands the space and creates a noticeable presence.  The selected work should create a profile visible via sightlines down streets that feed into the roundabout.  This profile should be visually interesting while not distracting to drivers in cars but it should also be engaging to pedestrians.  The artwork will be constructed of durable materials and of a design that considers all seasons and times of day.



The Portland Public Art Committee has formed a subcommittee to select an artist/artwork for the proposed new roundabout to be constructed on Brighton Avenue near the USM campus.  This committee will meet five times to determine the goals of the project and make a recommendation of artist and budget.  A specific community engagement meeting is also planned for March to gather neighborhood and stakeholder feedback. Meetings are open to public observation.  Meeting 1 will be held Thursday, January 10th @2:00pm in Room 109/110, Abromson Community Education Center, 88 Bedford Street).  Free and open to the public.  For details, visit the City of Portland calendar:
USM Rounabout Project page:

Public art notecards now available for purchase

$12 for 12 cards/envelopes featuring the photographs of the public art collection by Corey Templeton.
Available at City of Portland Planning Office (4th floor of City Hall) and at the Maine Historical Society store.