Disease Reporting

How You Can Help Us
Reports from providers allow us to start investigation on suspect cases of Meningitis and other serious illnesses, rather than waiting on lab confirmation. This helps us limit disease transmission in the community. Unlike laboratories, providers can also provide us with clinical information useful in the contact investigation. Current reporting rates from providers are only 6% in the last two years! Our goal is to increase provider reporting to 15% by 2010.

How To Make a Report
  • Category 1 reports can be telephoned to Maine CDC 24/7 by calling 800-821-5821
  • Category 2 reports can be faxed 24/7 to Maine CDC at 800-293-7543. Download the Reporting Form.
  • Reports should be sent within 24 hours for Category I diseases, and within 48 hours for Category II diseases.
Who Should Report & What You Should Be Reporting
  • Call the CDC Help Line 800-232-4636 (for any emergent or other questions 24/7)
  • The Public Health Division Medical Director Dr. Carrie Frost is available to take your non-emergency questions between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Contact her at 207-756-8016
  • Visit Maine CDC website concerning disease reporting in Maine.
Annual Reports
Annual reports on prevalence of notifiable diseases in Maine and Cumberland County: