Posted on: February 3, 2017

Portland Police Currently Recruiting for SEALSFit 10

The Portland Police Department and the Maine Leadership Institute are pleased to announce that they are currently recruiting for the 10th class of Portland-area high school students to participate in SEALSFit. SEALSFit is an intensive seven week experiential learning program in leadership, character, ethics and physical training. 

The program requires 24 hours of training in physical resiliency and mental toughness, as well as 18 hours of interpersonal skill development that focuses on developing life skills for success. Some of the areas of study include active listening, body language, giving feedback, selflessness and life skills to build character.

Physical workouts for the young men and women are conducted on the exercise trails of Portland’s Back Cove and embody the spirit of team leadership. These are delivered under the tutelage of retired US Navy SEALs who have helped each student to personally experience the SEALs’ motto, “The only easy day is yesterday.” 

The students come from a mix of schools in Greater Portland and reflect the full diversity of the Portland community – race, gender, religion and ethnicity.  According to Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck: “SEALSFit is a critical piece of our community policing programs. The fact that this is the 10th overall session speaks to the impact SEALSFit has in the community”.

Walter Corey, founder of the Maine Leadership Institute, observes:  "The quality of students that the program is attracting continues to be impressive. In spite of having already achieved much in their lives, we continue to see dramatic growth in the leadership skills of these young adults as well as a resolve to meet head on some of the big issues facing them in school, such as bullying. These young leaders are on a growth trajectory".

The physical fitness element of the SEALSfit Program is directed by Harding Bush and Mike Gray, retired SEALs, with a full complement of trainer/mentors from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.  Results achieved are impressive.  In the words of both Mr. Gray and Mr. Bush: “Although we require no specific physical ability to participate in the program, the results from our previous Physical Fitness tests were just what we hope for -  significant levels of improvement from all class members, without regard to their initial physical condition.” 

SEALSfit is a partnership of the Maine Leadership Institute and the Portland Police Department. Session Ten is made possible by the support of Maine State DHHS. 

For further information, contact Officer Coreena Behnke of the Portland Police Department coreenad@portlandmaine.gov 207-874-8511, or Richard Borts rborts@mainelit.org of the Maine Leadership Institute 207-774-8711 x103.

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