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Posted on: February 6, 2017

Neighborhood Meeting: State Street - Marginal Way Sewers

State Street Marginal Way Sewer Map

The Portland Department of Public Works would like to invite you to a neighborhood meeting to discuss

the design of the above referenced project. The attached map will assist in defining the project

boundaries. The project is intended to help the City with their efforts to prevent Combined Sewer

Overflows (CSO) into Back Cove as part of the City’s long term CSO reduction agreement with the


The meeting is scheduled to be held in the King Middle School Library on Monday February 27 at

6:00 P.M. The meeting should last about an hour. Please join us to receive a verbal description of what

the project intends to achieve.

This project will separate the existing combined sewer in the street to a separate sanitary sewer and

stormwater drain. The sanitary sewage will continue to the wastewater treatment plant while the

stormwater will tie into new storm drains to be installed in State Street, Marginal Way, Forest Avenue

and Preble Street Extension before ultimately discharging to Back Cove. The project is being designed

by Gorrill Palmer and will include the following components: new sanitary sewer and sewer laterals to

the property line, new storm drain and storm drain laterals to the property line if requested and

approved, and new catch basins. The project will also incorporate pedestrian safety enhancements along

State Street, the rehabilitation of the existing Deering Oaks gravel parking lot into a delineated paved

parking area with green infrastructure pervious pavers to treat stormwater runoff, and new pavement on

State Street from Cumberland Avenue to Forest Avenue.

As part of the design we are asking if you have a sump pump, internal roof drains or related storm

drainage issues. The City may install a storm drain lateral that could be used to separate your roof

drains or sump pump from the City's sanitary sewer if it is currently connected. I have attached a brief

questionnaire that I would appreciate being filled out. You may either bring it with you to the meeting or

send it to me at Public Works.

The Portland Water District has also expressed an interest in replacement of the water main and services

in State Street that will be incorporated into the project.

Unitil will also replace their gas main in State Street during this project.

I would also like to take this opportunity to advise you to coordinate, prior to the work on this street, any

underground utility work within the street right-of-way (either repairs, changes, or connections) which

will affect your property.

The principal types of utility work which concern us are outlined below:

a) Termination of natural gas service

b) Installation of natural gas service

c) Repair or replacement of sanitary sewer building connections

d) Repair or replacement of storm water drain building connections

e) Construction of a new building or structure resulting in the need to connect to all utilities

f) Replacement of water service

g) Installation of water fire service

h) In areas of subdivisions within the City, served by a total underground utility system, all

utility connections (gas, power, telephone, public cable, etc.) would be involved.

Please make all repairs, changes or connections to the underground utility system before this street is

paved, thereby avoiding excavation of our new pavement. Please note: after paving, the cost of a

street opening permit for excavation work in the street will increase significantly.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss this project. If you are unable to attend the meeting

please feel free to send written comments with a neighbor or mail them to me. I can be reached at 55

Portland Street, Portland, ME 04101 or 874-8828. If I am not available Senior Project Engineer Brad

Roland is also available at 874-8840.

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