Fire Department

Posted on: September 25, 2017

Cause of Fire at Allen Ave Fire Station Determined


 The Portland Fire Department received the cause of the fire that occurred last night at the Allen Avenue fire station from the State Fire Marshal’s Office today. The State Fire Marshal’s Office determined the fire was accidental caused by cooking on the stove. 

The firefighters at the Allen Ave station had just began cooking dinner when they were called to a nearby home for a reported house fire, which turned out to be a dryer fire. It was thought that the stove at the station was properly turned off. 

“Firefighters are human just like everyone else and sometimes mistakes occur when in a rush. In this instance, this crew was responding to a call and they thought the stove was properly turned off before leaving,” said Fire Chief David Jackson. “Kitchen fires are the most common type of home fire and fire injuries. We’d like to use this opportunity to remind our citizens this can happen to anyone and it’s important to cook safely and follow these safety tips.” 

While the Allen Avenue station is repaired, Ladder 34 will operate out of the Riverton Station at 1606 Forest Avenue and MEDCU 34 will operate out of the Ocean Avenue Station at 580 Ocean Avenue. This relocation will have minimal impact on call response times. 

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