What is ISI?

The Ice Sports Industry (ISI) (http://www.skateisi.com/site/) is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of recreational ice skating. More than 40,000 individual members and 3,500 instructor members are currently registered through 655 member facilities in the USA! A meticulously crafted badge program provides instructors with a system of evaluation and encouragement. ISI encourages a lifelong participation in the great sport of ice skating!

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1. What is ISI?
2. Tots Group Lessons
3. Basic Skills: Beginner Level
4. Basic Skills Group Lessons: Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta
5. Hockey Skills Group Lessons
6. Freestyle Levels 1 - 10 Group Lessons
7. Group Lesson Practice Ice (GLPI)
8. Adult Group Lessons
9. Dance
10. Private Lessons