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Building Inspections

  1. Comments or Suggestions For the Inspections Division

    Do you have a comment or suggestion? We are always looking for ways to improve our customer service and welcome and comments or... More…

Fire Department

  1. Fire Fighter & EMT Applicant Interest

    Fill out if interested in learning more about career opportunities with the Portland Fire Department.

  1. Portland Jetex Sign Up Form

    Volunteer, Portland, Jetex


  1. Co-Op Tree Program Registration 2018
  2. Peaks Island Co-Op Tree Program Registration 2018

    Peaks Island – Co-Op Tree Planting Program City of Portland Parks, Recreation & Facilities – Forestry Section

  1. Memorial & Gift Tree Program Registration 2018

Planning Department

  1. Planning Board - Public Comment

    Please include any public comment below, and it will be received by the Planning Board. Thank you

Police Department

  1. Bicycle Registration
  2. Memory Impaired / Wanderers Information Sheet
  3. Request Copies of Behavioral Health Partnership Forms

    The Portland Maine Police Department's Mental Health Coordinator serves as a Co-Responder and maintains a healthy partnership with area... More…

  1. Citizen Input
  2. Police Officer Job Application
  3. Victim/Witness Services Feedback