Dog Licenses

ChihuahuaAll dogs six months and older must have a license. If you become the owner of a dog six months or older, the dog must be licensed by January of each year.

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How to License Your Dog

In order to obtain a license for your dog, you need to obtain a Maine Rabies Certificate from your veterinarian to prove your dog has had its rabies shot within the past two years. You must also show proof of spay / neutering - either a certificate with a certificate number or a letter from a vet stating that the animal was examined and found to be altered.


Please do not send cash in the mail. Dog licensing fees are as follows:
  • Spayed / Neutered: $6 per year
  • Not Spayed / Neutered: $11 per year
  • Late Fees: $25 per dog (The dog must be licensed by January of each year.)


Although cats do not require a license, they must be vaccinated against rabies.