Lead Safe Housing and Healthy Homes 

Lead poisoning is a serious health hazard to children under six. Lead based paint creates dust that children ingest through day to day living and playing. Our lead abatement program offers you financial help to get rid of lead hazards in your property and prevent childhood lead poisoning. We offer:

  • lead inspections and Healthy Homes assessments

  • forgivable loans up to $10,000 for each unit in your property to address lead hazards

  • technical advice from City lead specialists, 

  • assistance with relocation during construction, 

  • Grant assistance to address health & safety hazards  

Are you eligible? 

To qualify for our lead removal loans, you must own property in Portland or in our target areas of Cumberland County. You also need to meet one of these requirements:


  • If you own and reside in the property, your household income can't exceed 80% of the median income for the Greater Portland and a child under six must reside in the home.
  • If you don't live in your home, you have to give priority to tenants with children who are six or younger and low and moderate income.

How do I start?

Review the Department of Housing and Urban Development income limits that determine whether the occupants (you or tenants) of the property, meet the 80% of median income for your community and family size. 

If you are unsure of whether your tenants income will meet the guidelines, please call and we can help you with the process before completing the application. 

Read the program guidelines so you understand the terms of funding program. We finance the lead hazard control work through forgivable loans in the form of a mortgage on the property. The loans are 100% forgivable if all the conditions are met. These conditions vary on the type of property so please read carefully.