Public Health

The Portland Public Health Division improves the health of all people in the community by working together to prevent disease, promote health, and protect residents from environmental threats.


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Sharps/Needles on Public Property

If you find sharps/needles on public property, DO NOT PICK THEM UP. Please call the Department of Public Works at 207-874-8493 and a trained specialist will be dispatched to pick up the items and dispose of them properly. 

Health of Portland Report, 2019-2020

  1. Portland Police Department Makes Three New Hires

    The Portland Police Department is pleased to announce that it has recently made three new hires for the following positions: Alternative Response Liaison, Substance Use Disorder Liaison, and Media and Community Relations Liaison. Read on...
  2. City of Portland Seeks Resettlement Coordinator to Assist Families at Family Shelter

    The City of Portland’s Health & Human Services Department is seeking a Resettlement Coordinator to assist families who are experiencing homelessness at the City’s Family Shelter, many of whom have recently arrived in Maine and are seeking asylum. Read on...
  3. City Updates Public Regarding COVID-19 Efforts

    The City of Portland is updating the public today on its efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, manage outbreaks, and provide vaccination opportunities. Read on...
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