Public Works

Duties of the Department

The Department of Public Works helps keep the City of Portland moving each day with many areas of responsibility. We collect your garbage and recycling, clear your streets of ice and snow in the winter, help maintain the city's sewer system, build your sidewalks, manage the city's traffic lights and street signage, and the list goes on.
  1. Sidewalk Reconstruction Project on Congress Street Near the Intersection with India Street

    The Portland Department of Public Works will begin a sidewalk reconstruction project on the north side of Congress Street at India Street. Read on...
  2. Upcoming Geotechnical Exploration work in Fore Street, Eastern Prom Road and Franklin Street

    Starting on Tuesday, October 8th, 2019, Public Works will begin conducting test pit utility explorations in Fore Street and the Eastern Prom Road between Mountfort and Morning Street and in Franklin Street between Marginal Way and Commercial Street. Read on...
  3. Diamond Street Tide Gate Update

    We will separate the combined sewer at the intersection of Diamond St and Marginal Way to a separate sanitary sewer and stormwater drain. We will also be installing a new tidal back flow prevention device on the storm drain adjacent to the U-Haul facility Read on...
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