Public Works

Duties of the Department

The Department of Public Works helps keep the City of Portland moving each day with many areas of responsibility. We collect your garbage and recycling, clear your streets of ice and snow in the winter, help maintain the city's sewer system, build your sidewalks, manage the city's traffic lights and street signage, and the list goes on.
  1. Mackworth Ocean Walton CSO Separation Project

    The Department of Public Works would like to invite you to a neighborhood meeting to review the design of the Mackworth Ocean Walton Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Separation Project. Read on...
  2. Powsland/Mitton Street Sewer and Water Replacement- Powsland Street Curb/Parking

    The Department of Public Works would like to update you on the activities regarding the above referenced project. The project involved the installation of new sewer & water mains, and the reconstruction of the roadway(s). Read on...
  3. Update on Park Avenue Separated Bike Lane Project

    The Park Avenue bike lane bollards will be removed on Thursday, November 15 in anticipation for snow storm activity. The bollards will remain out for the entire winter, however, the bike lane will still be in effect. Read on...
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