Wilde Memorial Chapel


Wilde Memorial Chapel, designed by Portland architect Frederick Tompson, was build in 1902. The family of Samuel Wilde, whose wife Mary Ellen Lunt Wilde was a Portland-area native, bestowed the cemetery with this Gothic chapel. The chapel has interior woodwork of cypress and stained glass windows by the firm of Moakley and Bell of Boston. Some restoration work has been done over the years, providing continued use of the chapel for funerals and weddings.

​user information

  • The chapel has a max capacity of 105, which includes those standing in the ceremony.
  • The bell cannot be rung.
  • All candles must have protective plates, holders, etc. under them to catch drips.


  • Year-round use.
  • There is no fee for Evergreen or Forest City cemetery lot owners to use the chapel for a funeral service. Fees for those that do not have lots at either cemetery are below.
  • Time allotted is three hours (one hour prior for setup and two hours for service). No discount for shorter services.


  • Weekdays 8:00 am-2:30 pm, Portland Resident: $150 Non-resident: $200, overtime rate: +$115/hr
  • Saturdays 8:00 am-2:30 pm, Portland Resident: $300 Non-resident: $350, overtime rate: +$115/hr


  • Weddings can be no more than three hours (to be completed by 5 pm).
  • Weddings must take place Monday through Saturdays only (no Sunday use).
  • Rehearsals can be no more than two hours (to be completed by 5 pm), and done the day before the wedding.
  • Available April through October only.
  • Only one wedding per weekend. All cars and people must be out of the cemetery by 6:30 pm.


  • Portland Resident: $500  Non-resident: $650