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Memorial & Gift Tree Program Registration


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      Portland’s Memorial & Gift tree program is a vehicle to have a tree planted as a gift or in recognition. Tree donations can target a specific location or can be used in general to an area of need. In-ground monumentation is prohibited but we do allow tree tags to be placed in the tree. Additional information on donations can be found at the City of Portland’s Gift Program. Park Master Plans and certain streets may have specific tree types - contact the Portland Forestry office for more information. We appreciate ‘thinking trees’ to help our environment.
    3. Memorial & Gift Tree Program
      212 Canco Road, Suite A
      Portland, ME 04103
      Phone: 207-808-5400
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      Portland Forestry will assist you with selecting the site and recommend tree type. Trees can be planted by our Forestry crew or we can partially plant for you to complete the planting. Trees are planted in May & June only.